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Why I don’t charge below Sh. 2 million in legal fees

by biasharadigest

The Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi is without a doubt one of the most outspoken legal minds in the country. He does not shy away from what others might consider as controversy either. And since he trounced Harriette Chiggai, Maria Mbeneka and Charles Kanjama to become the head of law society, Havi has certainly transformed the law organization. Whether for good or for bad, opinion is divided amongst lawyers in the country.

But Nelson Havi is also not your ordinary cheap lawyer. His fees match his style. In a recent media view, Havi revealed that he doesn’t charge anything below Sh. 2 million. He argued that a lawyer of his standing cannot charge anything below the Sh. 2 million mark. “Consider it a discount if I charge you anything below Sh. 2 million,” he said.

Havi is also famous for his suave suits, including the Montblanc timepieces that go for as much as Sh. 600,000 each. The lawyer has announced that he will venture into politics in 2022 by contesting for the Westlands parliamentary seat through the ANC party. “I have accepted the request of the people of Westlands Constituency to serve them and the nation in that capacity of an MP effective August 2022 or earlier in the event Parliament is dissolved,” Havi said in the video recording he shared.

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Below, a list of LSK Presidents since the 1950’s.

Humphrey Slade 1949-1950
N.S. Mangat Q.C. 1950-1951
L. Kaplan 1951-1952
J. Sorabjee, Q.C. 1952-1953
C.F. Schermburucker 1953-1954
J.M. Nazareth, Q.C. 1954-1955
Ivor Lean, Q.C. 1955-1956
Justice Madan, Q.C. 1956-1957
J.A. Mackie-Robertson, Q.C. 1957-1958
Justice Chanan Singh 1958-1959
J.O. O’Brien Kelly 1959-1960
Justice Madan 1960-1961
A.E. Hunter 1961-1962
Satish Gautama 1962-1963
Justice Harris 1963-1964
B.T. Modi 1964-1965
S.M.C. Thomson 1965-1966
G.S. Sandhu 1966-1967
K.B. Keith 1967-1968
E.P. Nowrojee 1968-1969
P. Le Pelley 1969-1970
S.N. Waruhiu 1970-1972
M.Z.A. Malik 1972-1973
J.A. Couldrey 1973-1974
Ramnik Shah 1974-1975
S. Sangale 1975-1976

P.J. Ransley

K.C. Gautama 1977-1979
S. Amos Wako 1979-1981
Lee Muthoga 1981-1982
Mutula Kilonzo 1982-1984
G.B.M. Kariuki 1984-1986
Joe Okwach 1986-1988
Fred Ojiambo 1988-1990
Paul Muite 1991-1993
F.W. Kagwe (Ag) 1992-1993
Willy Mutunga 1993-1995
Paul Wamae 1995-1997
Nzamba Kitonga 1997-1999
Gibson Kamau Kuria 1999-2001
Raychelle Omamo 2001- 2003
Ahmednasir M Abdullahi 2003-2005
Tom Adhiambo Ojienda 2005-2007
Okong’o Omogeni 2007-2010
Kenneth W. Akide 2010-2012
Eric Kyalo Mutua 2012-2016
Isaac E.N Okero 2016-2018
Allen Gichuhi 2018-2020
Nelson Havi 2020- 2022

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