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It took my son’s birth to get me investing Eve woman

by biasharadigest

Brenda Olembo, 29, is an advocate of the High Court:

In my younger years it never crossed my mind to invest or even learn about it. I however, had my light bulb moment when my son was born.

Suddenly I began to think about my son’s future and what steps I was taking to ensure that he would be well taken care of. I felt like I needed to ensure that I left something for my son.

Before that I was saving with two Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies, but I was not doing anything with the money. After my son was born, I signed up for some finance classes.

I wanted to know what investment options were available in Kenya. The knowledge I got was priceless. I am currently putting my money in money markets and shares. I plan to eventually get into bonds.

I also learnt that not every investment vehicle out there is legitimate. So do not be quick to put your money into something without doing due diligence. Especially be weary of investment opportunities that promise high rates of interest in a short amounts of time.

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