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Ameacha Kuomba! Omosh Kizangila Finally Set To Start Content Creation (Video)

by biasharadigest

From grass to grace, former Tahidi High actor Omosh is finally embarking on his impeccable acting talent. After several days of criticisms from every corner for asking for help yet again, Omosh decided it’s high time to make his own money.

A Second Chance

Being the lucky man he is, Omosh wasn’t turned down in the 2nd time of asking. Singer Dennis Manja, known for his stage name B Classic, gifted Omosh a camera and tri-pod. He said that human beings deserve a second chance.

“I bought him a microphone, a tripod and a camera, I love his job and would love to support him. I hope these articles will help him in his work”

Omosh is now making good use of the equipment; and Dj Shiti is among the celebrities he will be working with.

In an interview, the actor said he used the money given to him months ago to pay off his loans and start a business for his wife.

Although a video of him getting drunk circulated and elicited negative reactions , Omosh claimed that he is now a changed man.

He added that Kenyans will not hear back from him again and apologized.

Watch his video below;

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