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Tap into your sensuality Eve woman

by biasharadigest

 Sensuality comes with first learning to love and appreciate yourself (Image: Shutterstock)

Do you sometimes feel like life is running by too fast and becoming too drab? Are you often anxious, exhausted, or bored seemingly for no reason at all?

Has the colour drained from your relationship and you and your partner are just pushing through the motions?

Is sex beginning to lose its allure for you, and turning into a chore that must be gotten over with rather than something pleasurable to look forward to?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, then perhaps you need to start taking more care of your sensual self.

Power of sensuality

Mastering sensuality will equip you with the tools to nurture, love and develop your inner soul and spirit.

Sensuality involves the ability to immerse yourself in activities that indulge your senses—touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

Paying attention to the sounds that we hear, how our food tastes, how nature smells, how beautiful the day is and so on helps us practice our mindfulness and be more deliberate with the way we lead our lives.

With sensuality, you allow yourself to slow down and soak in all pleasure from your surroundings. If you are spiritual, being more focused will make you develop a deeper oneness and connection to a higher being.

Sensuality, evidently, increases our enjoyment in a lot of experiences. It helps invigorate our sex lives, heightens our awareness to pleasure, gives us peace makes us more mindful and spiritual and even heals our bodies.

So, how does one go about embracing and mastering sensuality?

 Pamper yourself to the good things in life like massages (Image: Shutterstock)

Step 1: Master self-love

The first step to sensuality is mastering self-love, especially loving your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Before you start appreciating the world around you and take pleasure in it, you first have to learn how to be happy with how you look and who you are.

It might take some time to learn how to be happy with how you look. This will be something you will have to work on day by day by learning how to release self-criticism.

Step 2: Slow down and smell the roses

A reason you might find it difficult to be sensual is because you do not allow yourself to just slow down and smell the roses.

If you are the kind of person that is always in a hurry and does not spare a moment to breathe, you might find that calm and serenity constantly eludes you.

If you are not careful, you will likely discover when it is too late that life has zoomed past you in a flash.

To slow down, you should deliberately slot into your time activities whose sole purpose is to make you relax.

Step 3: Limit your use of technology

Limiting your use of technology, and social media in particular, will go a long way in helping your senses get attuned to your environment.

If you are waiting for a friend at a café, why not take the time to revel in the smell of fresh coffee and watch the patrons instead of spending all that time scrolling mindlessly through Instagram?

Listening to the hustle and bustle of the city can even be more fulfilling than rushing to watch that video your favourite influencer uploaded five seconds ago.

Step 4: Pamper yourself

You should also consider pampering yourself and doing things that excite you without feeling guilty about it.

This could mean taking yourself to the spa, making time for a manicure and pedicure or even doing some waxing at a parlour.

Pampering yourself could also mean having sex more frequently, going to that dream vacation, taking that yoga class, or embracing gardening. Just listen to your senses and do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

 Learn to appreciate the little things in life and you will discover your sensuality (Image: Shutterstock)

Step 5: Listen and dance to music

When it comes to attuning to our inner selves, the power of music and dance cannot be understated. Music awakens your senses and dance springs your body to life.

Try putting on some music at home and just lose yourself to the beat. Dancing will help your body find its rhythm and help you feel more comfortable.

Step 6: Enjoy your relationship

As we have seen, being sensual is not all about what happens between the sheets. However, practicing sensuality with our lovers can help us reinvigorate our relationships and derive more pleasure in the bedroom.

You will be surprised at just how much more enjoyable your relationship becomes when you combine all of your senses with all of theirs.

It is not just about taking all your clothes off. Take time to hold hands more and just enjoy how nice it feels being in each other’s arms.

Hold their hand while watching TV at home or while walking about town. You will be surprised how much this simple act of holding hands more frequently can deepen your connection.

Do you ever take time to look at your significant other? Not just a glance, but looking at them with intention. Do you let your eyes lock into each other sometimes, and just lose yourselves in each other’s beauty? Try it and see the difference!

Step 7: Rediscover sensual touch

A sure way to take your relationship to a new sensual level is to introduce massage sessions between you and your partner.

You can take turns to give each other massages that focus on your back, arms, shoulders, feet and other parts of the body.

Buy special massage oil or simply rub lotions on your bodies during the process and let yourselves enjoy the accompanying sensations.

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