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My sister stole Sh. 1 million I sent back home while working in Saudi Arabia

by biasharadigest

Saudi Arabia Jobs: You work in a foreign country where abuse is rampant. Every end month when you’re paid, you send all your savings back in Kenya to your sister. You hope that since she is your blood sister, she is the most honest and reliable person you can rely on to make some investments for you. But alas, instead of guarding your hard earned money, she ruthlessly swindles you and buys properties in her own name, and then shamelessly enlists you as just a next of kin.

This may sound like fiction, but it is what befell Catherine Murigi. She left Kenya to work in Saudi Arabia at the age of 22. Before she left, Catherine agreed with her sister that she would send her money so that she could purchase a piece of land for her. Catherine would then work a few more years, during which she would raise money to come back and start a bakery business.

“I saved a lot of money, and at the time, there were so many plots being sold, so I told my sister to buy me one of the plots. I wanted the plot to be in a well-developed place. After all, I saw I had the potential to purchase and build one even if it meant working extra years because by then, I had no binding contract, so I was free,” Catherine told Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani.

In total Catherine sent over Sh. 1 million in the five year duration she worked in Saudi Arabia. On coming back, she was shocked to find out that her sister had bought a plot in her name. She had also opened a bakery business in town that was registered in her name. When she asked why the sister had diverted from their agreement, Catherine was told off. Her sister said she would not hand over the piece of land or the bakery.

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Although not too many people would be willing to forgive in such an instance, Catherine said that she has since forgiven her sister for the sake of her own peace of mind.

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