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Jalang’o gets ‘Nitakufinya’ duo lucrative corporate deal

by biasharadigest

A video that was taken eleven years ago has proven to be a blessing for two gentlemen who live in the Mukuru kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi. The video, popularized by the phrase Nitakufinya, has seen Musyoka Wambua and Aron Asiba walk away with an endorsement deal from Jahazi Flour Mills courtesy of comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o.

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The video that was done over one decade ago shows Musyoka giving a media interview in the slums, where he complains about illegal power connections. Asiba, who is listening by, is annoyed that Musyoka is calling for power to be cut off. “Wacha kuongelea maneno yas stima. Ambia serikali ikupe kazi!” Musyoka shrugs Aron to which Aron responds, “Nitakufinya! Nitakufinya!”

The two men told Jalang’o during a show that was aired on the presenter’s Bonga na Jalas show on YouTube on Monday that they were living destitute lives. “My biggest wish right now is to have a motorbike so that I stop vending water and go into the bodaboda business,” Musyoka said.

Aron on his part said that said he runs a barbershop and a salon in Mukuru kwa Njenga while Musyoka is vends water on a cart in the same slum. He is married with two wives and over six kids.

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