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Africa: Summary of Statement by the Africa Group During the UN Security Council Session on Tigray

by biasharadigest

Uniyed Nations — Speaking on behalf of the Africa Group #A3Plus1 [Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia plus Saint Vincent and the Grenadines]. Kenya Representative Martin Kimani @AmbMKimani addressed the UN Security Council during the debate on the situation in Tigray. Here is a summary of his remarks as presented by the Kenya UN Mission in a Twitter thread.

1)      The #A3Plus1 condemned without reservation the targeting of unarmed civilians in Tigray, including humanitarian workers;

2)      They expressed outrage & sadness about the pain experienced by all the women and girls who have suffered sexual violence;

3)      They demanded respect for international law including humanitarian principles and the moral codes at the core of Africa’s cultures and religions;

4)      They welcomed the 17th June launch of the Commission of Inquiry on Tigray by the African Commission on Human & People’s Rights as key to holding perpetrators to account & establishing truth that will serve the cause of peace & nation building;

5)      They called for the withdrawal of any and all non-Ethiopian forces from Tigray and the standing down of all militias from neighboring federal states;

6)      A real ceasefire is an opportunity for a Silencing of the Guns in line with #Agenda2063 & a key to the start of dialogue. The #A3Plus1 recommended Ethiopia embrace the tools of mediation in the peace & security architecture most which were forged in Addis Ababa;

7)      They stated that this is the time for careful diplomacy, the rapid scale up of humanitarian response, prioritizing people, appreciation of regional stability, and the curbing of misinformation and disinformation; and

8)      They concluded by reaffirming their respect for, & commitment to, the sovereignty & territorial integrity of Ethiopia. And that they stand in solidarity with the people of Ethiopia at this defining moment in the pursuit of sustained peace, nation building and prosperity.

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