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Why I regret wasting millions on a luxury car

by biasharadigest

Betty Kyalo Cars: Luxury cars are synonymous with local celebrities. The majority of them drive a high end car or are in the race to own a luxury vehicle. But buying a luxury car is not always a good move. It was especially for media personality Betty Kyalo.

At one point, Ms. Kyalo acquired a BMW 320i whose price ranges between Sh. 2 million and Sh. 5 million. The media personality then upgraded to the 2015 BMW X6. This turned out to be one of her biggest money mistakes. “I didn’t really need to buy a BMW. The Subaru was working quite well. It is just a bit noisy,” she said.

Asked about her biggest money mistake, she said, “I think it was really buying a car that I didn’t really need, or that I wasn’t able to afford,” she said. Betty added that at the time, there was so much stigma on Subaru car owners and their road behaviours that she felt the need to upgrade.

Betty Kyalo cars

In June 2020, though, she acquired another high end vehicle. A 2019 white Porsche Cayenne. This came days after she quit her anchor job at K24. The car goes for $66,750 (Sh. 7.1 million), including the $1,050 destination charge.

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“Gotta move differently if you want different! Another One is home! This time White,” she said. Ms. Kyalo’s love for cars is widely known. Currently she owns numerous top of the range vehicles. She has also previously hosted television shows on cars.

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