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Bliss Healthcare Marks 10 Years Of Service To Kenyans

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May 2021 marked an aluminum anniversaryfor Bliss Healthcare Limited as they celebrated 10 years of providing quality healthcare services through 82 clinics spread across 41 counties in the country.

Speaking during the the aluminum anniversary celebrations, Bliss Healthcare’s V.P. of Operations said he was pleased by how the organisation has grown over the years noting that despite the unprecedented global pandemic Bliss was on the forefront to provide healthcare.

In a year marked with an unprecedented global pandemic, we are proud to be one of the leading healthcare providers in the country,” said Vishal Sharma, Bliss Healthcare’s V.P. of Operations at their head office during the aluminum anniversary celebrations. What started out with just a handful of clinics ten years ago has grown to a network of over 80 plus Bliss centers, making it one of the largest, fastest and mostaffordable growing network of healthcare providers across the region.

It is important for us to reflect on the past, and more importantly focus on the bright future ahead that is full of promises,” said Ms. Annabelle Iraki, Bliss Healthcare’s HR manager speaking to staff at the celebration.

Adding that: “We have had great milestones in the past decade aimed at the transformation of our Organization, and have laid the foundation for a future of innovations, sustainable and profitable growth, which has not only benefited our clients but our employees across 90% of Kenya’s counties.

When Bliss Healthcare was founded a decade ago, they were a small team in the healthcare sector but with a well-defined vision, confidence, resilience, and eagerness to grow and make a mark in the industry,” said incoming C.O.O. Dr. Gabriel Njue.

Dr. Gabriel Njue – Bliss Healthcare

After 10 years of hard work, commitment and determination, Bliss remains just as ambitious as when it began, having gained more experience, passion, sharpened its skills and collaborations and I couldn’t be prouder to be joining this team on its tenth anniversary, and the cusp of the 2020s decade.” He said.

Bliss Healthcare has undertaken an ambitious range of innovative, structural actions and decisions that are transforming the clinic network to rise up to the challenges of business in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These include their Chronic Disease Management program currently serving over 20,000 patients, Telemedicine serving over 10,000 patients, the Company Scholarship Program and the Bliss at Home Program for patients.

Outgoing South African COO Dr. Selepe Percival had an older man’s wise words for the staff at Bliss HQ.

“Think outside the box about how healthcare is delivered, then remold and re-built this industry accordingly.”

At a personal level, he urged everyone to ‘always be prepared to seize the opportunities that life gives you’ and said that from his medical viewpoint, a good memory is what most gives one upper-hand in life and follow-up.

“Whole grains, fish cooked in olive oil, followed by a fruit salad is the ideal meal for a human being,” he said.

Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to lower levels of beta-amyloid proteins in the blood.

Dr. Selepe described Bliss Healthcare as a place where everyone’s contribution is highly valued across the board.

“If founders of companies are the architects, and we doctors are the engineers of such an organization, then it is important to remember, not just for Bliss Healthcare but every other business, that if not for the guy who mixes the cement, you will not have a house, or if you do, it will crack and collapse if he does a shoddy job.

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