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CoG decries shortage of resources to fight Covid – KBC

by biasharadigest

And as parts of the country stare at severe drought, the council is now calling on the Ministry of Devolution and ASAL as well as development partners  to support counties to ensure provision of timely humanitarian assistance and required drought response in order to save lives and livelihoods.

“In view of the impending drought in some parts of the country, some ASAL counties like Marsabit, Turkana, Wajir and Mandera have distributed 230,000 bags of food items. In addition they have carried out water trucking in 435 sites targeting 790,000 households of the affected population,” stated Wambora.

And in the wake of the Indian variant reports in some parts of the country,the governors mentioned the challenges of lack of testing materials therefore compromising the response measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.

“We call upon the Ministry of Health to expedite provisions of testing kits and increase testing centers to ensure proper documentation of magnitude and spread of the disease, this will enable counties to respond on the covid-19 matters,” said Wambora.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said the county is experiencing a decline in Covid-19 cases adding that some of the isolation centers have been closed due to lack of patients.

Joho however urges Kenyans not to drop the guard in the war against the pandemic that has taken a toll on many Kenyans.

The duo made the statements during a joint media briefing on the counties preparedness in the war against the spread of covid-19 held outside governor Joho’s office.

Data released by CoG shows that the bed capacity in the country stands at 7,792.

This number has increased by 171 as a result of patients who have recovered from Covid-19 infections bringing the total number of available beds to 7963 by last week.

The intensive care units ICU beds the total number of ICU beds in the counties stood at 342 while High Dependency Unit HDU beds stood at 151 in all the facilities.

Cumulatively in the 47 counties,a total of 933,826 doses have been administered.

Health care workers leading by 162,475 vaccinated, security personnel at 79,376, Teachers 146,830 above 58 years 284,681 and 261,700 being in the other category.

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