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“Club support has been vital during this pandemic”

by biasharadigest

Joan Abirye:
“Club support has been vital during this pandemic”

by Agnes Amondi 

Ugandan international
and Vihiga Queens midfielder Joan Abirye is still in Kenya despite the Kenya
Women’s Premier League (KWPL) being cancelled as a result of the coronavirus

Although she reckoned
that it’s difficult for her to be away from home at this time, she said that
her clubs’ management has been totally supportive during this time.

“They pay rent
for me, provide whatever I might be lacking. I really appreciate because in
this situation many foreign players are suffering but I am good.”

“It’s really a
difficult situation but I have managed to observe the rules and regulations
stated by the government of Kenya and the Ministry of Health about protection
from coronavirus.” The Ugandan said.

Abirye agreed that
calling off the league was the right decision but also admitted that she was
disappointed. The 2020 season was to present her first taste of Kenyan football
but it never came to be due to the COVID-19 situation that brought the sporting
world to a stop.

KWPL was scrapped
after the first round of games. Defending champions Vihiga Queens didn’t take
to the field at all as their opening match was pushed back because some of its
players were away on international duty.

“Due to the
coronavirus outbreak, I think it was a right decision for the League to be
cancelled. On the other hand it’s disappointing because it is my season here
and I was really looking forward to playing for my new team.  That said, I
am still strong and hope everything will return to normal soon.” Abirye

Meanwhile, the
midfielder has been following a personal exercise routine which includes
jogging, home workouts and ball work. She admitted that personal training is
completely different from group training as the intensity is lower than the
forme. Also, the club has been engaging with the players throughout this

“I have been
doing some personal training like jogging, home workouts and wall ball work to
keep my fitness.”

training is kind of light because when I feel like tired I immediately take a
break unlike the usual training.”

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