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Want an urgent salary advance, logbook loan? Jowyn offers in 3 hours!

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Logbook Loans in Kenya: Out of cash? Jowyn Credit Limited is here to help you get access to financing in just 3 hours from Logbook loans, import duty financing, salary advances, insurance premium financing and much more. Get in touch on 0701837272 or 0110093822 and let us help your business grow.

Jowyn Credit Limited was founded with the intent to meet the overwhelming market need of providing structured working capital solutions to people and (SMEs) Small Medium Enterprise. Contact Us for Quick Logbook Loans in Kenya and other Loan Products.

Logbook Loans in Kenya

This loan is given against the logbook for cars that are in good and serviceable conditions. Anyone who owns a private, commercial or passenger service vehicle qualifies for a logbook loan. For you to get access to our logbook loans you will need to present the following requirements:

  • Original Logbook
  • KRA Pin of Applicant
  • National ID of Applicant
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • 6 Months Bank Statements
  • Comprehensive Insurance Certificate

Customs Duty: How duty for your car is calculated in Kenya

Import duty financing

Jowyn Credit Ltd targets importers of second-hand motor vehicles (i.e. individuals and dealers. We execute the confirmation of the duty payable by our clearing agent fast and we have a simple process for arranging this financing. We finance 100% of calculated duties and taxes as per KRA’s guidelines. The security for the facility is the motor vehicle. The requirements include:

  • Original Bill of lading.
  • Invoice for the motor vehicle.
  • Import Declaration Form (IDF).
  • English Japanese logbook
  • Copy of the PIN and ID of the importer.

Salary Advances

Do you have an emergency or an urgent need for cash before your next payday? Our Salary Advance Product shall sort your need now. We finance employees of reputable companies with evidence of salary payment for the last six months. The loans are payable in a month. The facility can be used to fund emergencies such as school fees, hospital bills, wedding expenses, funeral expenses, court fines, etc. It is easy to apply and approval is granted within 1 hour.

  • Latest three months payslips.
  • Latest six months bank statements for the applicant’s salary account.
  • Post-dated cheques drawn from the Salary account.

About Jowyn Credit Limited

Jowyn Credit Limited is the company offering the best Credit solutions in Kenya. Having been founded with the aim of meeting the ever overwhelming market need of proving structured working capital solutions to people and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Jowyn Credit Limited does offer credit solutions all over the country.

Our focus is on growth-oriented SMEs and individuals where we seek to unlock the banking and financing potential that lies within the financial industry/sector. Distinguished institutions like the World Bank have publicized SMEs as the economic growth engines that shall drive the African Continent out extreme poverty to the bliss of middle income status. Lack of access to financing is however, incapacitates such as companies on a regular basis because of the broad based notion of being too risky.

Jowyn Credit Limited does not believe in this perception, We hold on to the aspirations of our continent and exist as a credible opportunity this market has. Our focus is to provide structural solutions that make credit easily and readily available to those that can afford such financing, whom in most cases would be undeservedly labelled as unbankable. Which is why at Jowyn Credit Limited we believe in
“Growing together with you by offering the best Credit solutions in Kenya.

Location: Ambank House , University Way,Ground Floor
Website: www.jowyncredit.co.ke
Contacts: 0701837272 or 0110093822

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