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‘I was paid 700 bob…’ Vioja Mahakamani actor Olexander advises ‘gullible’ artistes

by biasharadigest
Olexander Josphat

Josphat Olexander famously known for his roles in Vioja Mahakani and Vitimbi, TV series’ that ruled the airwaves back in the 90s is doing well in life.

Olexander, whose real name is Peter Sankale has acted for 30 years and still is one of the best actors the country has ever produced.

The funny actor’s journey to stardom was highlighted on Churchill Show’s last episode and he said he looked up to the late Masanduku, who featured in Vioja  Mahakamani.

Josphat Olexander

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Speaking in an interview with Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki on the show, Olexander, who once worked as a bank teller said it has taken him hard work and perseverance to get to where he is today.

‘You want to become a star, you know how to hang in the sky at night so you can shine, We waited for our days and nights here we are but I don’t like being called a celeb. As a believer in Christ, the only celeb I know is Jesus Christ, the rest are not its just chances we’ve got. Ni kazi yako watu wanapraise. I don’t want to be celebrated, I want people to celebrate my achievements because I’ve persevered and waited long for this success,’ he said.

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On working with no pay, Oleksander said,

‘There was no money. It’s very challenging and you feel like giving up. Everybody thinks you’re on TV and should be rich. I was paid Sh700 [first month]. Hio ni fare, rent ama nini. But I tended not look at what I was being paid. I worked out of my passion for acting. We really never demanded to be paid more but the world was watching and people would say we deserved better pay and KBC without us even pushing them they increased our salaries,’ Olexander recalled.

Nowadays artistes are using shortcuts to be successful and advising upcoming talents, he said,

I would tell anybody that you will wait longer to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Olexander is a great singer and sings mostly in Catholic church choirs, where he trains people.

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