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Warder nabbed in act with patient: The Standard

by biasharadigest
A prisons officer has been quarantined after he was caught red-handed sexually assaulting a female Covid-19 patient in isolation at the Busia Agricultural Training Centre in Busia County.

The incident that happened on Thursday night has left many in shock, with others questioning how safe female patients in isolation centres are.
A police report shows the accused Busia Prisons warder was in the company of a colleague, Jeff Obondo, on the fateful night, patrolling the facility, before the suspect sneaked to rape the patient.
The officer went into the room of the patient, while Obondo proceeded with patrol not knowing what was happening behind his back.

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Colleague disappeared
Out of curiosity, Obondo decided to return to check where his colleague had disappeared to, and when he could not spot him, alerted his seniors.
“He (Obondo) informed his colleagues of what was happening. All the officers went to check on what was going on but they did not find the officer. They got suspicious and started looking around,” reads the police report.
As they were searching, they heard noise and commotion from one of the female wards in the facility located in Busia town.
Obondo and his colleagues went to the scene and found all the patients outside complaining that the prison officer was raping a Covid-19 patient in the room.

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“It was indeed established that the officer was together with the patient in her room,” reads the report.
The warder attempted to escape through the window when he realised he had been caught. 
Health officers were called to the scene and respondent promptly. According to police reports, the said officer was immediately arrested by his seniors and quarantined.
Dr David Mukabi, the Head of Response Team in Busia, was unavailable for comment.

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