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Uber Delivery Service “Connect” Launches in Kenya

by biasharadigest

Uber recently launched “Uber Connect” delivery services in Kenya, a move that follows its global shift to delivery services. The service will use motorcycles to deliver packages, providing same-day courier services.

Costs for the Uber delivery services match with those of its motorbike service “Uber Boda”, charging a base fare of KSh 55 and an additional fee of KSh 14 per kilometre and Ksh 1 per minute on the road.

In Kenya, the service has a weight cap of 15 kilograms for every package. Further, the uber delivery service does not cover the transport of items worth more than Ksh 5,300, since it does not offer insurance for packages.

Uber Delivery Service to Save Bleeding Ride-Hailing Revenues

Globally, Uber delivery services started in April, reducing the blow of the ongoing pandemic on ride-hailing services. The new vertical came with other delivery services for essential goods like groceries through Uber Direct.

The diversification of services in Kenya and beyond shows the growing need for ride-hailing companies to find new verticals after the Coronavirus reduced movement. In May, its rival app Bolt introduced delivery services, whereas Little Cab went beyond delivery to add ambulance services.

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