Home BUSINESS NEWS PrideInn hotels reopen its Westlands branch in wake of coronavirus: The Standard

PrideInn hotels reopen its Westlands branch in wake of coronavirus: The Standard

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Local hotel chain PrideInn hotels have reopened its newly acquired PrideInn Azure in Westlands in a full return in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.
PrideInn Azure, preferred by business class and events’ organisers for meetings, conferences and accommodation, resumed operations on Monday.
Their in-house Flavours restaurant, famous for Kenyan and international flavours was opened to outside guests one week ago.

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The Sh1.2 billion facility hotel which was acquired by PrideInn Group on a management contract in February 2020 temporarily suspended its operations in March following the confirmation of the first Covid-19 case in the country which saw most businesses, hotels included suspending operations to curb the spread of the disease.
“We resumed operations as we recognised that demand, especially of accommodation and meetings, is once again rising after the two months lockdown. We are receiving bookings from local business people and especially those coming from towns outside Nairobi such as Mombasa and Kisumu and need a place to spend,” said Hasnain Noorani the Group Managing Director.
Full operation
Mr Noorani said the hospitality chain, is hoping to operate all its eight hotels on full capacity immediately international flights resume next month and Kenyans resume business and travels.
Lockdown period saw the hotel renovate its new rooms to have a new look and also expanded its bar and restaurant to accommodate more people.

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“We are delighted to be able to open in the current situation and have affordable exciting offers for our local customers and ensure that they are comfortable and safe as they enjoy our services. We have as well expanded our Flavors restaurant space to accommodate more guests especially families and friends looking to hang out,” he added
PrideInn Azure has also converted some rooms into office spaces to offer a relaxed working environment for those seeking some time away from home which has become the norm following authorities’ directives in order to reduce the Covid-19 effects.
“We have come up with special offers for day use of our rooms since most Kenyans are looking for spaces to work from. Working from home can be monotonous so we are giving rooms at discounted rates for use as a day office,” Hasnain added.
Some of the safety protocols the hotel has employed include, frequently cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting all surfaces after every guest use, linen-less tables in the restaurants, social distancing and spaced seating in meeting rooms and restaurant as per state’s specified directives.
They also sanitise tableware and glassware after every guest use, contactless payment options as well as mandatory temperature checks for everyone on the premises.

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