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Nine beauty tips every lady should know

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Being creative is part of the beauty routine (Shutterstock)

To stay at the top of your beauty game, being creative is part of the routine. Here are some beauty tips that you should not let go. They are efficient and leave you looking amazing


The dos and don’ts for naturally beautiful skin

Use aloevera to soothe your skin after shaving

Shaving any hair, especially your armpits and private area can bring about razor cuts or some break outs.

To avoid these, after every shave, be sure to apply some aloe vera.

You can use the extract or their creams. This component soothes the cuts and makes the whole area heal better.

Sweet almond oil to remove lipstick

If you are a lipstick fan, then you know too well that removing the lipstick can be an uphill task. To help you with this, especially when removing matte lipsticks, sweet almond oil makes the work easier.

Apply a little using some cotton wool or wipe and wipe it off. It will get out smoothly without hurting your lips.


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A small bandage behind ankles when wearing heels

Have you ever had to tolerate wearing high heels with sore feet? Due to friction, it’s common for heals to blister the back of your foot. Use a small bandage and stick it before you wear the heels.

This way, you can walk confidently and comfortably, pain free.

Tea tree oil for your pimples

This oil is a gem for anyone who has pimples or has acne. Apply it especially when you’re going to bed. Remember to use different fingers for every pimple so that you don’t spread the bacteria.

Vaseline for better eyebrow shaping

Getting the perfect eyebrows need not be a challenge. To get the edges coming out well and smoothly, all you should do is apply some Vaseline onto the eyebrows.


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This flattens out the eyebrows well and you’re able to shape to your desire.

Sweet almond oil helps to easily remove lipsticks (Shutterstock)

Coconut oil as eye cream

Preventing black eyes from the eye bags that come about from lack of sleep is possible using coconut oil.

What you should do is ensure that every night or the times you don’t apply makeup, you apply coconut oil on your face. This helps prevent any black circles on your eyes.

Conduct patch test for hair colour

Imagine all your hair turning deep blue while you wanted a lighter version. To be on the safest side when it comes to hair colour, always conduct a patch test on a small area.

This will give you an impression of how the dye may look like on your whole head. This way, you can make an informed decision.

Don’t cut cuticles

Agreeably, cuticles can be a pain you don’t want to deal with. It’s tempting to bite them off. However, doing so only opens the door to bacterial entry.

Let cuticles heal on their own. You may dab some coconut oil to assist the healing process.

Remove black heads using egg white mask

Eggs are a powerhouse when it comes to using natural things matters beauty. Break one egg and separate the egg yolk and the egg white.

Mix up the egg white and apply on your skin, letting it dry then rinse with cold water after half an hour. Any black heads will be over within two days.

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