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‘My stalker would write me 50-60 paged letter saying God told him to marry me’ Reveals Sheila Mwanyigha

by biasharadigest

Former radio presenter Sheila Mwanyigha has opened up on how stalkers have in the past left her traumatized with some going to her work place.

In the past, she had said an ex had stalked her for more than 10 years. it now seems that is not the only stalker she has had.

Speaking during a recent interview, Sheila narrated that the stalkers started when she was working at Nation.

 “Right from my radio career, there was one who used to send me 55, 60-page letters. It was so bad he even started sending mail to my mom!’

So determined was the stalker that not even his empty pockets would deter him from seeing Sheila.

He wanted to visit her in Nairobi,

“He was desperate, he was in Mombasa and he started saying that he would come to Nairobi cause I had refused to get in touch with him and God told him we are supposed to get married.

So he must take matters into his own hands. And he had the audacity to ask me for fare,” she added.

How did they deal with him?

“With this stalker, they had to send someone from the security at Nation to Mombasa who went and spoke to the guy’s father. It turned out that he was mentally ill and had dropped out of USIU. The father said that they used to see him writing and assumed that as long as he was doing so, he wasn’t harming anyone.’

Pleas by the dad was the only reason Sheila did not press charges.

Another incident that she had with a stalker was when she was still at Kiss100 where an unknown man showed up at her workplace in a truck wanting to get in!

“ I was working the late-night shift someone showed up in a truck at 1 a.m asking me to get in!.

The management provided security that would pick and drop me. My drivers would be accompanied by police officers,” she said.

Have you ever had a stalker and how did you handle the situation.

Below is Sheila’s new jam after her return back to the music scene.

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