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He was a gifted story teller

by biasharadigest

Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has sent his condolences to legendary actor Charles Bukeko a.k.a Papa Shirandula.

Papa Shirandula breathed his last today morning at Karen Hospital after a short illness.

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In a statement, President Uhuru condoled with the family of the popular Kenyan TV comedian.

The President eulogized the thespian “as a gifted storyteller whose contribution to the development of Kenya’s entertainment sector will be cherished forever.”

The Head of State wished Kenyans God’s fortitude as the country mourns the departed entertainer.

Others who have paid tribute to the TV star include Ambassador Yvonne Khamati-Yahaya the CEO of Kenya National Heros Council.

In her statement she wrote,

“Farewell to a hero.

On behalf of the Heroes Council and my own family, I wish to convey my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Charles Bukeko also known as Papa Shirandula.

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Papa Shirandula was many things to many people he interacted with during his lifetime: He was a family man ; a thespian; an avid reader; a great man, who loved Kenya. Many things can be said about Papa as he was fondly referred to, but most importantly, he showed artists how to commercialise their craft.

For years local artists were unable to monetise their craft but Papa, who graced our living rooms like a colossus was able to swiftly alter the perception with his famous Papa Shirandula show on Citizen TV.

As a business savvy thespian with clarity of mind, he managed to commercialise the art and help many local artists to realise their dreams and earn from their craft. As a result, local TV productions took off with many artists gracing our local TV screens; these we owe it to him and his professionalisation of comedy and drama.

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As a consummate professional, Papa believed in in culture. In the last days, he spent most of his time in Busia, where he was born. While in Busia, Papa, spent his spent his free time trying to put together a write up on the different dialects in Busia, which he was winding up, when he passed on this morning.

He worked tirelessly to make sure that the people of Kenya and especially all thespians and the luhya have an identity through his devotion to art and now incomplete project of the Luhya dictionary. I have to say that when the history of this country is rewritten, Charles Bukeko will have a page as a Hero.; a man who lived ahead of his time.

As the Bible tells us in the book of Psalms 147:3, May the Almighty heal the broken hearts of the family members and bindeth their wounds.”

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