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Bonfire Adventures, Comedian Njugush in nasty brand fight

by biasharadigest

Njugush Instagram: Tours and Travel company Bonfire Adventures and Comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush are involved in a nasty Instagram brand fight. This is after Njugush, who represents rival tours and travel firm, Bountiful Safaris posted a video that did not go well with Bonfire Adventures.

The brand fight started on Thursday after Njugush posted a video of his tour in the Masai Mara on his Instagram platform. In the tour, Njugush was accompanied by his wife Celestine Wakavinye, their son Tugi, and the family of his friend and fellow creative Abel Mutua. This tour was sponsored by Bountiful Safaris who are business rivals with Bonfire.

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Njugush’ video featured a tour van that was stuck in mud in the rough of the Masai Mara National Park. This van belonged to Bonfire Adventures. The video went to show how using a van from Bountiful Safaris, Njugush and his team pulled out the team from Bonfire. Evidently, the video carried a hidden but superior business message.

It did not sit in well with Bonfire Adventures who went on to report to the administrators of Instagram. Bonfire claimed that the video had infringed on copyrights and demanded that Instagram pulls it down. The social media site complied and pulled down the content. It further issued a warning shot that Njugush may lose his account. Njugush has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

“Well….. good morning, we can all win!!!! Smile and be happy,” Njugush said in reaction to the developments. His fans, though, went on a rampage, castigating Bonfire for what they saw as an unnecessary and provocative action. It is the first time that the highly celebrated comedian has found himself on direct war path with a rival brand. Njugush Instagram.

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