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Actor Papa Shirandula succumbs to coronavirus

by biasharadigest
Papa Shirandula

Charles Bukeko, famously known as Papa Shirandula is dead.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Rorland Wanyama the brother in-law says Papa Shirandula has died of corona

“He collapsed at the parking today morning at Karen hospital before he was attended by doctors,” he said.

Wanyama added that he developed complications on Sunday after traveling away from Nairobi.

“On Sunday he was not feeling well after returning to Nairobi, so he went for checkups in Karen hospital on Monday. He tested positive. they agreed he go home and have homebased care. until today when he developed breathing complications,” he said.

Papa was an award-winning Kenyan actor, thespian, singer, and director.

Charles rose to fame when he was cast to play the role of Papa Shirandula in the popular TV series Papa Shirandula which aired on Citizen TV.

It is this show that made him a household name in Kenya. Since then, he has appeared in several other TV shows such as The Captain of Nakara (2012).

He has also appeared in numerous big-time commercials across the world including Coca Cola and GOTV.

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