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War in Jubilee turns to use of party billions

by biasharadigest


The ruling Jubilee Party cannot account for a whopping Sh1.3 billion of party funds, its deputy secretary-general Caleb Kositany, a key ally of Deputy President William Ruto, said on Friday.

In what is being viewed as the latest in a string of attacks against the leadership of the party, Mr Kositany, who is the DP’s de facto spokesperson, said a section of party officials will use the alleged misuse of party funds to push for grassroots elections and change of leadership.

Speaking at Kipsangui in Soy Constituency, Uasin Gishu County, Mr Kositany claimed the money has been misappropriated but his efforts for transparency had only been met with intimidation.

“When I ask about something, I am not just asking as a party member but as an MP and party official because over Sh1.3 billion cannot be accounted for, according to the Auditor-General’s report,” said Mr Kositany.



He did not show this reporter evidence of the misappropriation, but insisted the government is applying double standards in the war against corruption because the ruling party is committing “fraud”.

He urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to act decisively on those entrusted with the affairs of the party but have embezzled funds.

Some the records he wants audited include a cash withdrawal of over Sh193 million between January 31, 2018 and July, 12, 2018.

“We want transparency in the party. The President has been fighting corruption and it has to begin with what is happening in the party so that we lead by example,” he said.

He also demanded to know under what circumstances a State House operative who has been instrumental in the running of Jubilee Party affairs was refunded Sh2 million in 2017.

He also questioned why the party pays Sh89 million as rent per year instead of Sh40 million.

“We occupy only 57 per cent of the party headquarters yet we pay 100 per cent rent to Lunah Arch Company Limited. Who are these other tenants?” he asked.


Appearing to take the battle to the President’s doorstep as well as that of his boss, Secretary-General Raphael Tuju, Mr Kositany further claimed that some Sh361 million paid for 2017 campaign materials and Sh49 million for advertising and monitoring during the last General Election did not follow the rules of Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) Act.

The William Ruto camp has claimed this before but was rebuffed by the party leadership. 

But, Mr Kositany, determined to stay on the warpath, added yesterday that Sh33 million paid to a company for campaign materials and Sh22 million paid to another for call centre services and nomination software were exaggerated.

With these claims, the rebel within the ruling party strengthened his onslaught against his own leaders, emboldened somewhat by the fact that, despite the constant attacks, he still retained his position in the party hierarchy, even though its mettle has been significantly watered down in recent days.

And so he dared those who want him removed from the party to do so.

“Instead of asking if what I am raising has basis, they are busy saying that I should be thrown out. I can only be kicked out in the same manner as the secretary-general — through the National Delegates Convention — and it can only take place after grassroots elections, which we are demanding,” he said.


Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, an ardent defender of the DP, said even though he and his ilk in the party are being humiliated by the leadership, they will only leave after they have been told how the funds they have been contributing monthly are being spent.

“We want to tell the President, Tuju and (Vice-Chairman David) Murathe that we demand details on how our money was used,” said Mr Sudi, citing the monthly contributions by MPs and MCAs.

 Belgut MP Nelson Koech and his Keiyo South counterpart Daniel Rono said they were aware of plans not to hold grassroots elections, noting that their rivals in the party, who are President Kenyatta’s allies, know that the “ground has become slippery for them.”

“We are going to push for a forensic audit because we have the facts and those dismissing us should respond with facts too, not sideshows. This will enable us have party elections which will allow over eight million Jubilee Party members to have a say in what has been happening,” Mr Rono told the Saturday Nation on phone.

Mr Koech, on the other hand, took issue with Mr Tuju for referring them to the office of the Auditor-General as the war of party funds hots up, arguing that they have enough information to substantiate their claims.

“We are not mad people, we have a basis, and they know they have a reason to worry. That is why they are attempting to take us in circles by referring us to the Auditor-General and junior officials in the party,” said the Belgut MP. “We are pushing for party elections so that we have overhaul the party leadership.”

Both Mr Murathe and Mr Tuju had not responded to our calls and text messages by the time we went to press last evening. We will publish their responses once we have them.

On Monday, Mr Kositany launched a full attack on his boss, Mr Tuju, demanding the financial records of the party.

It was the latest episode in the now public cold war between President Kenyatta and his deputy for the heart and soul of the country’s largest political party.

In a letter to Mr Tuju copied to the Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu, Mr Kositany said he was acting on behalf of more than 100 MPs and over 500 MCAs who are members of the party, and who would like information pertaining to Jubilee’s financial records from 2016 to date made public.

But Mr Tuju dismissed his deputy’s demands, saying he should channel the queries to the Office of the Auditor-General.

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