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‘They snore, add weight!’ Mwalimu King’angi on what turns men off about their wives

by biasharadigest

Mwalimu King’ang’i has said that at times when married couples live together for so long they lose the connection and live like siblings.

This was based on the morning show on Classic 105, the conversation was aound the question,

‘At what point does your partner start looking like your sibling.’

Speaking out his mind Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i said,

‘wives start sleeping in Sengenge ni ngombe t-shirts and snoring.

You get to a point where the emotions end, it just comes naturally. That is why they are always advised to spice things up in their marriage.

They also give up on themselves, add a lot of weight.

When people stay together for so long there are priorities and mostly it’s women who give up first.’

Men seem to support Mwalimu and below are their sentiments.

@Ngugi_Wathiongo: if you stay together with your wife/husband holistically, you even look similar. Mnafanananga Sura na tabia.. that means no room for hurting her and you live to solve things together for life.

@pieremutongah27When both genders are dating, they are on their best foot and will always do their best to look good and stay apart but once they get married wote wanajiwachilia . Not women only.

@ItsMwangiKelvyn: Marriages nowadays is like a house with no curtain, everyone can see through. Can’t divorce but living together reason being children.

@jennykanyiri: what am I hearing today surely? If you are seeing your marriage partner as a sister then what was the reason of getting married to her from the word go?





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