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Signs your best friend is in love with you

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His jealousy when others flirt with you always gives away his hidden feelings (Shutterstock)

They say that you should fall in love with your best friend since best relationships are based on friendship. As your friendship blossoms, noticing that your best friend is falling in love with you isn’t uncommon.


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Here are some unhidden signs that your guy best friend could be in love with you

Significant difference in body language

Do you talk often times and at times you realize that your best friend makes attempts to touch or tap touches you? Is it also common to spot them staring at you, or giving you admiration gazes? There are no better glues out there that they might be into you. Such body language shows that they are attracted to you and could be growing in love with you.

They get jealous when other flirt with you

Since you end up spending a lot of time with your best friend, he most likely realizes when other people flirt with you. During such meets, he’ll act quite bothered and uncomfortable. He would even interfere with the conversation and push you towards ending such meets. All these are reactions that are based on his ‘selfish’ interests since he ‘is into’ you.

They would do anything for you

Someone who can move mountains for you and stand in for you or leave what they are doing to attend to you is definitely in love with you. You’ll probably notice that when you want something done and you call them, they won’t hesitate to step onto your shoes. A best friend, who’s head over heels for you, will be sensitive to your emotions at all times and will not wish to disappoint you at any given time.


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Constantly calling or texting you

Checking your call logs and text messages, there’s that one person who’s always the ‘most recent.’ You guessed it right! Your best friend. The more you communicate the more you grow fond of each other. When you realize that your best friend is the one you actually spend most of the night chatting with, the one you can’t sleep without sharing about your day’s escapades, then there you have it.

Wouldn’t approve other people to be close to you

If you realize that your male best friend is quite insecure when you are hanging out with certain people, there’s a reason behind it. More than having your interests at heart, you’ll realize that his deep insecurities are a way of protecting you from people he thinks aren’t beneficial to you. To a great degree you may even feel as if such behavior is of someone who ‘owns’ you. Well, all this is fueled by their feelings towards you.

Constantly telling stories of you and him

Imagine hanging out with friends as people are sharing their memories or telling stories, he is constantly speaking about the both of you. Even if it’s due to the amount of time you spend together, you may realize that it’s deeply so since he can’t imagine having anyone else by his side.


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