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‘Leo ndio nimerealize…’ Nyashinski on what wife has never done for him

by biasharadigest

Zia Bett aka Nandi Girl is Nyashinski’s wife. She shared a video of the artiste speaking to her while they were having an intimate hubby-wife moment together.

Well, Shinski says this is the first time that his wife ever posted him. The two tied the knot in a traditional wedding last year that left many women heartbroken

“Leo ndo nimerealize mtu wangu hajawai nipost 😏,” wrote Nyashinski

Bien’s wife, Chiki Kuruka commented

“Why yall so cute !!”

Rapper Cashy wrote,

“So cute 😍 bio oil na shea butter pia”

Naiboi wrote,

“My people ❤️”

Check out fans’ reactions;

Like ghai 😩😩,,krash pliz limit post kaa izi 😩we kant it 😩

Such a beautiful couple…I’m jealous na venye I’ve been crushing on nyashinski my whole life…[email protected] kuja uniconsole😂😂😭😭😭chest pains…

Mmeanza kufanana

Let’s see more of you guys. You look so good together 😍

Yaaani just when I was settling in for a bad day, you bless my heart😆😆this is some deep inside jokes lakini waah

😍😍😍 You guys are stinking cute!

Aaaaw😍 y’all looking good together Alafu Si nyash anaload stretch marks 😂

Ile mapenzi iko hapo 🙄 huwa mnalala Saa ngapi aki

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