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India Coronavirus Cases Cross 1 Million As Brazil Hit 2 Million

by biasharadigest

(KDRTV)-A local media in India has reported that the country`s COVID-19 national tally has passed 1 million marks after more than 30, 000 new infections were reported on Thursday, July 16.

KDRTV understands that for months now, coronavirus cases in the country have been surging and that the country has the third-highest caseload globally after the US and Brazil

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However, by the time this article was published, India`s Ministry of Health website which publishes total tally had not included the recent figures

On the other hand, Brazil which has the second-highest caseload of coronavirus after the US has confirmed more than 2 million cases.

Reports have it that it was about a month ago that Brazil confirmed 1 million cases and currently the trend of infections is not giving hope that the country will soon heal from the novel virus

During the initial stages of coronavirus in the country, president Jair Bolsonaro despised the virus and did not embrace measures to battle the virus such as observing social distancing and wearing masks.

Worrying enough, even after the president contracted the virus, he has continued to downplay the virus and measures to contain the virus

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About 74,000 fatalities have been reported in Brazil since the outbreak of the virus.

At the same time, the US has recorded more 77, 000 cases in a day, the highest daily coronavirus infections so far.

While some countries are reopening others have sought for reimposing lockdown and other related restrictions

Currently, the following are the global tally of coronavirus:

Total cases

13, 953, 342






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