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EU Boosts Kenyan Agribusiness SMEs With Sh22bn Funding

by biasharadigest

The European Union (EU) through its Agribiz program has lined up 200 promising Kenyan women and youth led businesses for support in a project aimed at increasing smallholder production, improve food security and boost household incomes.

It is estimated that over the coming five years, the program will create 17,000 jobs in the agricultural sector.

AgriBiz will achieve this by funding 200 women and youth-led agribusinesses as part of the programme, and by reaching over 1.2 million smallholder beneficiaries over a period of five years at a cost of Ksh5.1 billion.

An additional Ksh17.1 billion in loans will also be leveraged from local financial institutions to support the enterprises.

Since Kenya is largely an agricultural country, investments in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the agribusiness sector will also help the economy to bounce back from COVID-19.

Agribusinesses selected for the programme will benefit from training, business advisory and financing to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and encourage appropriate agribusiness practices.

The advice will be provided to all selected agribusinesses through business incubation hubs set up in eight counties which include Kilifi, Machakos, Kiambu, Meru, Isiolo, Kisii, Bungoma and Uasin Gishu.

Simon Mordue, EU Ambassador underscored that the huge interest in AgriBiz is an indicator that, contrary to popular opinion, women and youth are embracing agribusiness activities.

“The EU with Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) is providing the various forms of business support that they need. By bringing in young people and women into the sector, and in the process creating over 17 000 jobs across Kenya, we are helping to boost the sustainability of the Kenyan agricultural sector and to move it up the value chain,” said Mordue.

In the current selection round, KCIC meticulously selected 200 candidates from amongst the 2,400 applications received after a highly competitive evaluation process.  

The 200 candidates include early stage/start-up companies, SMEs, women and youth-led community based organisations, as well as Self Help Groups.

The applications from women and youth-led Agribusinesses that were selected were those that demonstrated the best scalability and potential for replication and growth of their product or service, and thus the biggest potential to increase incomes for value chain stakeholders.

“We are impressed that we have received an overwhelming response to the call from across the country, an indication there are so many agribusinesses out there seeking different forms of support to spur their growth,” said KCIC Chief Executive Officer Edward Mungai at the close of the evaluation exercise.

Other attributes that were considered for selection included; business model feasibility which shows a clear and compelling mission to grow a sustainable and commercially viable agribusiness enterprise; the potential to adopt and leverage smart approaches that drive the growth of the agribusiness; social impact which include the potential to create decent employment opportunities for youth and women; and market opportunity, including knowledge and understanding of the agricultural and livestock value chain, of customers’ needs, and competitors approaches.

Over a five-year period the Agribiz programme will overall support over 1600 enterprises to develop bankable business plans, 1200 enterprises to access financing from financial institutions and over 1500 women to access EU supported community level micro financial services.

The selected businesses are listed below

No Name of Entreprise Early stage/SME/CBOs
Naxveg Kukufresh Limited SME
Primetime Agencies Limited SME
Best Workforce Development Plan Kenya Ltd SME
Firstlook Enterprises SME
Pals Agriculture Limited SME
T/A Lilian Wangari Ngila SME
T/A Sethpaul Mwenda SME
Taitan Farm SME
Mitsa Elengos Ltd SME
Shamolarics Greens and Fresh Produce SME
Cibiya Farm Holdings Ltd SME
Clarance Enterprises SME
Deep Valley Frontiers Limited SME
Vicknice Merchants Limited SME
Insectipro SME
Zaccol Limited SME
Farm Share Kenya Ltd SME
Kalabashi Investments Ltd SME
Eseriani Farm SME
Kieru Ltd SME
Loftycraft Invesment Company Limited SME
Merest Flowers SME
Grace Rock Limited SME
Envisage Ltd SME
Kimplanter Seedlings And Nurseries Ltd SME
Gooseberry Delight SME
Kericho Eagles Limited SME
T/A MercyN SME
Optimum Fruveg Ltd. SME
Freshplus Ltd SME
Mbeenthei Fish Farm SME
Cherishfruit World Ltd SME
Utake Coffee Limited SME
Harvillarrrh Covey Limited SME
Freshvot Limited SME
Jani Exports Limited SME
Perennial Beekeepers SME
Afya Foods Ea Ltd SME
Sunberry Farms Limited SME
Wefahson Limited SME
Sky Reign Ltd SME
Highbreed Chicks SME
Blue Savy Enterprices SME
Fenesi Foods Ltd SME
Ess. & Paul Investments SME
Nuts And Oils International SME
Safelink Technologies Ltd SME
Summeat Enterprise SME
Kel Feeds Enterprises Limited SME
Sorgum Pioneer Agencies SME
Andytech Solutions SME
Bona Holdings Limited SME
Tala Iconic Business World SME
Iagribiz Africa SME
Vuka Mama Project SME
Premier Harvest Enterprises SME
Nainchu Farms Limited SME
Rachael Kingori SME
Sylvia’S Basket SME
Lactolife Dairy Ltd SME
Alliance Ultimate Enterprises SME
Agribusiness Solutions Ltd SME
Space Agritech SME
Kiburu Greens Farm SME
Ifarmkonnect Limited SME
Hasanat Ventures Limited SME
Jancota Limited SME
Patvention Enterprise SME
Bulk Resources Limited SME
Elite Posho Mill SME
Girays Foods SME
Irri-Hub Ke SME
Spring Harvest Limited SME
Cavacs International Ltd SME
Eco Sprew – Kenya SME
Grun Africa Limited SME
Zactina Limited SME
Apiculture Venture Limited SME
Farmula Limited SME
Seton Enterprises SME
Agri-Hydraulics Early Stage
Fauwa Enterprise Early Stage
Sarah Achieng Ochieng Early Stage
Sammy Mutinda Muinde Early Stage
New Che Mathare Farm Early Stage
Solana Enterprises Early Stage
Simon Njuguna Early Stage
Berndi Sweet Hive Early Stage
Kabete Vegrow Early Stage
Rio Agri Farm Limited Early Stage
Divas Lifestyle Early Stage
Fereen Chicken Farm Early Stage
Linda Farm Early Stage
Lopur Integrated Farm Early Stage
Elias Njogu Maina Early Stage
Smart Gardeners -Hosa Early Stage
Pemoska Engineering Works Early Stage
Felicity Mwendwa Early Stage
Matuu Project Early Stage
Tbisha Poultry Farming Early Stage
Kennyvale Enterprises Early Stage
Mimea Farm Produce Ltd Early Stage
Medicinal Gardens Early Stage
Spectrum Group Movement Early Stage
Njenga Pyrethrum Farm Early Stage
Lolmy’S Agrovet Early Stage
M’Awa Gold Hive Products Early Stage
Masii Horticultural Farmers Coperative Society Early Stage
Planet And People Early Stage
Honey Zest Early Stage
Danest Realm General Supplies Early Stage
Dess Bios Early Stage
Navinga Agri-Enterprise Early Stage
Precy Women Group Early Stage
Monica Njambi Kamiti Early Stage
Afridelics Early Stage
Triple L Premium Feeds Ltd Early Stage
Twinz Caterers Events And General Supplie Ltd Early Stage
Dimac Dairy Early Stage
Dipsea Care Naturals Early Stage
Sanjawa Genesis Farms Early Stage
Okoa Food Early Stage
Kropert Limited Early Stage
Jamuh Ltd Early Stage
Nyouya Agri-Solutions Early Stage
There For You Enterprises Early Stage
Kezia Kimeu Early Stage
Everlyne Wambui Githinji Early Stage
Solakilimo Early Stage
Peter Mwendwa Ndolo Early Stage
Denis Omondi Ogola Early Stage
Elikia Food Processors Early Stage
Natilogo Enterprises Ltd Early Stage
Hydro Victoria Fish Hatchery Farm Early Stage
Agripride Early Stage
Youth In Business Africa Early Stage
Esther Nyakiri Early Stage
Gikabu Millers Early Stage
City Yard Farming Solutions Limited Early Stage
Garden Fesh Organics Early Stage
Caterina Farm Early Stage
Baringo Renewable Energy Centre-Brec Kenya Early Stage
Blue Firms Investments Limited Early Stage
Kipini Limited Early Stage
Magic Honey Early Stage
Rads Enterprises Early Stage
Viakwetu Limited Early Stage
Rewix Agr0Dealers Early Stage
Oxygen Park Early Stage
Miriton Ltd Com. Early Stage
Karyos Kitchen Early Stage
Amber Green Farm Early Stage
Golden Cow Dairy Hub Early Stage
Green Growers Early Stage
The Farm Gang Early Stage
Econagric Solutions Early Stage
Rafikipay Ltd Early Stage
Topchoice Ltd Early Stage
Green Wells Organics Registered Under Treasure Wells Early Stage
Fred Omondi Early Stage
Kisumu Airport And Lakefront Neigbours Alliance CBO/SHG
Itambya Group Muthesya Women Group CBO/SHG
Natural Fiber Hub CBO/SHG
Eaglesight Youth Group CBO/SHG
Piktuk Sacco Ltd CBO/SHG
Muchui Women Group CBO/SHG
Mondo Emwandu Youth Group CBO/SHG
Kaminji Progressive Youth Group CBO/SHG
Dreamsville CBO/SHG
Kathera Women In Coffee Cbo CBO/SHG
Speak-Project CBO/SHG
Ushindi Poultry And Marketing Cooperative Society Limited CBO/SHG
Tag Dairy CBO/SHG
Meru Young Great Visioners CBO/SHG
Shirembe Tuinuke Community Based Organization CBO/SHG
Potus Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Faith And Vision Young Parents Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Pama Traditional Vegetable Farm CBO/SHG
Nyambene Arimi Dairy Cooperative Society Ltd CBO/SHG
Masanga Youth Processing Center CBO/SHG
Shammah Rown Group Ltd CBO/SHG
Mwanzo Mpya Joint Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Mushroom Farmers Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Wildwood Horticulture CBO/SHG
Alliance Of Women In Coffee CBO/SHG
Leadership Training And Integrated Development CBO/SHG
Shatieta Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Tareen Initiative Cbo CBO/SHG
Didkuro Bee Keepers Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Kiria-Ini Cabbages And Potatoes Traders Self-Help Group CBO/SHG
Giakaibii Organic Farmers Self Help Group CBO/SHG
Karimba Mwangaza Community Based Organization CBO/SHG
Makueni Sisal Weavers Cbo CBO/SHG
Courage Cbo CBO/SHG
Focus Wise Shg ( Focus On Cassava) CBO/SHG
Wamunyu Grain Agrigation Centre CBO/SHG
Mutula Cbo CBO/SHG
Mkulima Youth Group CBO/SHG
Oltili Lewangan Dairy Women Group CBO/SHG

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