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Tech entrepreneur Dorcas Muthoni joins HF Group Board: The Standard

by biasharadigest
Dorcas Muthoni

NAIROBI, KENYA: Tech entrepreneur Dr. Dorcas Muthoni has joined HF Group Board as a non-executive director of its mortgage subsidiary, HFC, effective May.

Muthoni is the founder of OpenWorld limited, a software consulting company that she started at the age of 24. She has over 20 years experience and demonstrated ability to use technology to solve business problems and deliver bottom-line results.
The firm, which she started in 2005 provides open source software, special business applications, information and technology service management and server and consultancy solutions.
“My dream was always to run my own Pan-African company and inspire younger girls to do the same in future,” says Dorcas in a previous interview with the Standard.
Apart from that, the go-getter also runs a technology mentorship programme for girls in high school.
“I want women to fall in love with technology. Women have to embrace technology to advance in their careers. We encourage high school girls with an interest in computing careers to pursue their dreams and build fulfilling careers,” says Dorcas.
The mentorship programme was birthed in August 2004, after the Software Freedom Day was launched.
Meanwhile, Dr. Steve Omenge Mainda has retired as the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of HF Group. He joined the institution in 2009 and under his stewardship, the company has grown and achieved milestones including rights issue in 2015, the redemption of tranche 1 and2 of the 10 billion corporate bond in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and reorganization of the company in 2015.

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