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Seven ways to make your dyed hair last longer

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Take extra care of your hair when it is dyed to prevent it from damage (Photo: Shutterstock)

A good hair care routine is the most important part to achieving healthy hair. The small details like keeping up with your wash days and using the right products help you reach your dream goals much faster. Once in a while, you might decide to choose something new like dyeing your hair. A proper dye job will retain the health of your hair while a horrible one will only cause havoc.While you will definitely want your hair to look good after the process, you should be able to get the rich colour you want and maintain that vibrancy for as long as possible.


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Although the colour will fade over time, these simple steps can make your hair colour last a bit longer.

As with every purchase, quality is everything. When choosing the dye to use, make sure you get a brand that has good reviews. The problem with the poor-quality ones is that the outcome is barely what they advertise. They’re more likely to damage your hair and the vibrancy doesn’t last very long. Opt for good brands whether you’re using temporary or permanent dyes.

Use cool rather than hot water when washing your hair (Photo: Shutterstock)

Any other day, regular wash days are very important. That’s more or less the best way to get rid of product build up on your scalp which could clog your pores and affect the health of your hair. In this case, however, you should probably invest in a dry shampoo. Washing too often will bleed the color faster and before you know it, it’s all faded away. Sacrifice your regular wash days for a while. It’s just a small price to pay.

It’s better to avoid harsh shampoos while your hair is still colored. They will strip all the nutrients and moisture from your hair and cause it to fade faster. Switch to gentle, natural shampoos that are hydrating or choose those that are specifically made for dyed hair. Ensure they’re also sulfate free.


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Using very hot water to wash isn’t good for any type of hair let alone dyed hair. It’s the quickest way to dehydrate your hair and break down the colour. You’ll have to wash with cool water for now for colour retention.

Use a high quality hair dye that won’t damage your hair (Photo: Shutterstock)

The roots of your hair can be the first to fade especially because that’s the area you’re supposed to focus on when washing or using dry shampooing. And, you have new growth too. Instead of doing a whole new dye job, you can simply go for a root touch up after a couple of weeks. But remember that too many dye touch ups could weaken your hair so it shouldn’t be done too often. You can use a dye touch up kit or choose a temporary solution like hair concealers, powders and mascaras that are cheaper and safer.

For all those swimming lovers out there, protect your hair. You don’t have to sacrifice your days at the pool because of your dyed hair. If you swim without protecting your hair, the chlorine penetrates through which will make it dull. Before swimming, coat your hair with oil, like coconut oil, to create a barrier between your hair and the chemicals in the water.

Dyeing can take a toll on the health of your hair. You can choose a good quality dye and all that but if you don’t treat your hair, you won’t be able to maintain its health and shine. Do deep conditioning treatments and be careful not to overdo it because that’s also damaging.

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