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Nine easy hacks to help you stay stylish during the cold season

by biasharadigest

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Scarves keep you warm and add a little something to your outfit (Photo: Shutterstock)

The gloom that comes with the cold season can dull your motivation to keep up with fashion. When that chilly breeze hits, your first instinct is to grab whatever can keep you warm for the day regardless of what your overall outfit will look like. Your priority is to stay warm because you don’t want to end up getting sick. However, you can strike a balance between looking good and staying warm.


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All you need is the perfect tips for the best winter style. 

1. Belt up

A simple waist belt is a great item to spruce up your outfit. You should get a few different designs like slim belts and the thicker ones to belt up your coat. Sweaters and jackets can drown you, covering up your figure. A waist belt will restore your shape and complement your style in a matter of minutes.

2. Get a turtleneck

Turtlenecks are a wardrobe classic. They create the perfect balance between looking stylish and being warm. The best part about turtlenecks is that they blend really well with accessories. You can layer your necklaces or have bold chains for a more street style twist.

3. Become a layering expert 

This is an effortless technique for a chilly day’s style. There’s a formula you can learn on how to layer your sweaters and coats properly so that you can easily remove some pieces when it gets hot. Keep the inner layers thin and don’t go beyond three items. You should also choose colours that blend well together so that your look is coherent.


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Choose stockings that compliment your skintone (Photo: Shutterstock)

4. Wear a classy trench coat 

Modern trench coat designs offer you a more contemporary 2020 style. We’ve seen the old designs that have been revamped since then, which is good news if you want to look trendy. Find different designs like those that have leather accents and add some interesting colors too. You should get neutral colors as well so that you can easily switch things up without any stress.

5. Get some trendy scarves

Another simple way to improve your style is to buy a variety of scarves to keep you warm. If you’re choosing an outfit and you feel like something is missing, try and add a scarf that matches your look.

6. Use the sweater dress hack

Dresses normally take a back seat when the cold months of the year start. But that doesn’t have to be the case actually. Thanks to the sweater dress, you can flaunt your legs and enjoy the comfort that comes with dresses on those days when you’re tired of wearing jeans and trousers. You can accessorize them with literally everything including belts and scarves and you can layer them as well. The sweater dress was definitely a brilliant invention if you ask me.

Wearing multiple layers which you can shed if the day warms up (Photo: Shutterstock)

7. Switch to warm trousers


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Certain materials will make you freeze even more. You should try and wear some warmer options like woolen trousers that will make you look classy and retain heat. Also, wool is great at regulating temperature changes so when it gets hot, you won’t overheat.

8. Have a statement sweater

Trendy sweaters also upgrade your style effortlessly. You can get some with stylish colours, patterns and some with pretty delicate cut-out details. This is a ‘lazy girl’s’ guide to fashion because you can simply wear a warm top underneath and you’re set to go.

9. Try some stockings

Make an effort to wear stockings that compliment your skin tone e.g. darker browns look great on African skin tones. You can also opt for sheer blacks and greys and patterned stockings for dressier occasions. Unless you’re going for an artistic look, keep the bright coloured stockings for kids. Apart from choosing the right stockings, be careful how you dress them or you will end up looking frumpy. 

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