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Mungai Vs Otieno! Who Made the Best Bed and Why Does it Matter?

by biasharadigest

(KDRTV) – President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under huge criticism after directing the government to buy 500 hospital beds from two young innovators in Kiambu.

25-year-old Mungai Gathogo and his business partner Joseph Muhinja, 35, will be instant millionaires if they supply the beds within the next six weeks.

In normal circumstances, Kenyans should be celebrating the recognition of the artisans and the fact that the government is recognizing the youth. However, that is not the case as Kenyans feel that another group of youth who made hospital beds which are believed to be better should have got the tender.

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Meshack Otieno and Gordon Ogutu wowed Kenyans on social media with their extra-ordinary hospital bed which allows a patient to move around with ease and also comes with some comfort like an improvised table for feeding. The Otieno bed is also made of metal which makes it easy to clean and meets all the standards to be used in a hospital.

So why did Uhuru order the government to buy the Mungai bed and not the Otieno ones?

It has also not helped the President that Mungai and Muhinja come from his Kiambu backyard. Otieno may be operating from Juja (also in Kiambu) but Kenyans suggest his name betrayed him.

Now does this mean that Uhuru is tribal? That is a very big statement to make. Could be that the President’s advisers did not tell him about Otieno’s story?

We believe that Kenya still needs more beds and county governments should give those Otieno beds priority when purchasing. There is no need for all the drama on social media.



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