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Mums Village and BabyBliss Merge to form $7B Bliss Group

by biasharadigest

Mums Village Kenya and BabyBliss Nigeria have merged to create the Bliss Group, a Pan-African entity focused on mother and child care.

While Mums Village Kenya has proven strengths in building online communities and content for pregnant women and mothers, BabyBliss Nigeria brings deep retail and e-commerce experience.

As per the agreement, the partners (Mums Village and BabyBliss) will combine their operations in Kenya and Nigeria to establish an entity with a larger distribution network, a strategic brand presence, enhanced scale and efficiency, thereby increasing the range and quality of baby products and service offerings in the markets.

With an existing audience of approximately 300,000 pregnant women and mothers and COVID-19 accelerating the pace of growth of e-commerce in both markets, women are buying online at unprecedented rates. This approach aims to leverage on the diverse choice and convenience to African women along their motherhood journey.

The mum and baby e-commerce opportunity currently stands at an estimated $7 billion; $2 billion in Kenya and $5 billion in Nigeria.

With e-commerce estimated to grow at over 60% in both markets, the Bliss Group recorded an even higher rate of 100% growth in the past year. The merger of these two brand (Mums Village and BabyBliss) portfolios presents a significant opportunity for synergies which will result in digitizing the parenting journey and increased investment in innovation.

I’m excited to lead this new entity into meeting the changing needs of African women and showing that they are indeed a market that cannot be ignored. Bliss Group will leverage on our networks, learnings and reach to convert the financial opportunity that exists into reality by delivering not just greater shareholder value for our investors but looking to build a real powerhouse with women at the helm.

Isis Nyong’o Madison, Bliss Group CEO

The Bliss Group Company will be co-headquartered in Kenya and Nigeria. Understanding the need to preserve both BabyBliss Nigeria and MumsVillage Kenya’s heritage in their respective home-countries, the new company is committed to supporting the local community and continuing the relationships created in the communities in which they operate.

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