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‘How much I’m paid?’ Jalango opens up about Kiss FM and co-host Kamene Goro

by biasharadigest

Kiss FM morning show co-host Jalango a.k.a Heavy J, today had a session on the weekly Mpasho Live with Kalondu Musyimi.

The comedian revealed why he returned to Kiss FM the place where he started his broadcast career.

He said, “The boss was happy to see me, I was happy to see my former colleagues and that goes to tell you that I did not leave Radio Africa badly.

Adding, “I got a lot of phone calls from other stations but I wanted to go back home, where I started.”

Starting out he was paired with Kenya’s radio queen Caroline Mutoko, Jalango says,

“Things have changed, back then there were no social media platforms, but now it has changed we are making the show about the listeners. Now we want to do you.”

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Asked about radio-chemistry with Kamene Goro, Jalango said,

“For a first week, it is looking nice it is amazing. Give us two more weeks we go out and understand each other it will be better.”

The speculation on how much money Jalango is being paid for his new radio hosting job at Kiss FM has got tongues wagging. Gossip pundits have even placed the fee at Ksh 1.2.

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Jalango addressed this by muting the rumours.

Asked how much he is paid, he responded,

“How much? Hata hatujafika kwa discussing salary I,m just working for now.”

He continued,

“I’m not working for free…This is about doing something you like.”

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