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Home at last! 174 Kenyans stuck in Saudi Arabia jet into Nairobi

by biasharadigest
KQ Maiden Flight
KQ Maiden Flight

Some 174 Kenyans who have been stuck in Saudi Arabia since March this year over the Coronavirus pandemic were yesterday repatriated to Kenya.

The Kenyan Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working with Saudi Airlines repatriated the Kenyans, who had been stuck in the foreign country since March.

The embassy said the Kenyans left the port city of Jeddah at 7:45am aboard one of the flights.

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They were expected to land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday afternoon.

In April, a Kenyan died of Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia and, according to Kenyan ambassador to Saudi Arabia Peter Ogego, the victim had an underlying medical condition prior to the pandemic.

Mr Ogego had earlier sent a message to Kenyans in the middle eastern country telling them to abide by the measures put in place by authorities to combat the new virus.

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