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female pastors who wear trousers and look great

by biasharadigest
Kenyan pastors

Gone are the days when Christianity was so strict. Nowadays, female worshippers can wear anything to church as long as it’s decent including trousers.

Female pastors have also adopted sophisticated lifestyles and apart from living in posh houses, driving expensive cars, they also wear designer clothes and shoes and of late many have been wearing trousers even on the pulpit.

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In the past, especially in old churches [before these charismatic churches came to existence], female pastors were only allowed on the pulpit dressed in long dressed or skirt suits covering everything part of the body apart from the face unlike nowadays.

There is really no big deal about a pastor’s dress code, after all we go to church to serve God not criticise people or fashion.

Well, from Reverend Lucy Natasha to Size 8, meet the female pastors who rock in trousers.

  1. Rev Lucy Natasha

She’s the most stylish pastor around. The woman of God is always rocking official trouser suits when feeding her flock. She’s also a fan of sweatpants and sneakers.

She’s the founder of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International

Check out photos of Natasha wearing trousers.

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2. Pastor Esther Wanjiru

She’s the mother of Reverend Lucy Natasha. She loves to wear trousers too.

Below are the photos

3. Prophetess Monicah

The woman of the cloth is giving her counterparts a run for her money. The mother of two beautiful and wears trousers too especially outside the church.

Monicah is the founder of the Prophetic City church

Check out the pics.

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4. Ruth Matete

The younger pastor, who was ordained last year also wears trousers but not in the church and looks great in them.

Below are the pics

5. Size 8

The mother of two, a former secular artiste is always in trousers. From sweatpants, jeans to trousers she looks gorgeous rocking them.

Check out the photos

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