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Capacity building programs for youth under Kazi Mtaani program launched – Kenya News Agency

by biasharadigest

Kisumu County Commissioner Susan Waweru has rolled out capacity building programs for youth enrolled under the Kazi Mtaani Program to help address emerging issues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The youth enrolled under the program in Kisumu will be trained on the culture of saving, entrepreneurship and working online.

Some of the youth enrolled in the program line up to clock in ahead of the day’s activities.
By Chris Mahandara.

Other areas include Covid-19 awareness, fight against drugs and illicit brews, teenage pregnancies and domestic violence.

Speaking on Thursday at Shauri Moyo AP camp in Kisumu during the launch, Waweru said the training shall be offered between 7 am-8 am before the youth start working.

This, she said shall be conducted in partnership with various stakeholders to empower the youth to handle the various challenges affecting the community as the fight against Covid-19 intensifies.

The County Commissioner noted that cases of teenage pregnancies, domestic violence and drug abuse were on the rise since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country adding that through the training the youth shall act as champions in taming the vices.

“We have noticed an increase in cases of domestic violence and illicit brews during this period that is why we are reaching out to the youth to help address the menace,” she said.

She added that through the training, the youth shall be able to save and use part of their earnings to venture into income generating activities.

The 7, 500 youth in Kisumu have been enrolled in phase two of the Kazi Mtaani program which was launched on Tuesday.

The program will run for 11 weeks with each youth taking home Sh. 455 per day.

By Chris Mahandara

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