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Beef between Tanasha Donna and Shaq the Yungin’ explained

by biasharadigest

Tanasha Donna and Shaq the Yungin have not been in good terms for a few months now; but the two chose to keep this on the low until recently when Shaq the Yungin confirmed that all is not well in their camp.

Well what used to be a good friendship has since turned bitter and Shaq the Yungin is no longer in speaking terms with his bestie. The two parted ways after having what Shaw refers to as a ‘fall out’ and since they have not seen eye to eye.

Speaking to Shaffie Weru during an IG session, Shaq the Yungin said;

Former friends Shaq The Yungin and Tanasha Donna

Me and Tanasha we haven’t spoken in a long time; hope she is doing good… People have fall-outs, sometime they are irreconcilable, but by the way this is the first time I’m talking about me and Tanasha, so no love lost, we are not just fucking (close) we each other.

No snitching!

When asked what really happened, Shaq the Yungin did not share much about their ongoing beef; but all he mentioned is that they would sort things out eventually. He went on to tell Shaffie.

Former NRG presenters Tanasha Donna and Shaq the yungin

Sometimes you just have to separate to elevate, you lose some you win some but as long as you are all living good, I wish the best for anybody I left in the past… but I don’t wanna get into what happened but shit happens bro… what happened between me and Tanasha, that’s between me and Tanasha, I met her day one when she came back to Kenya, we have been together for years, we have had fallouts before and over the years we learn each other, and we keep it personal… people tried to speculate but iliwashinda coz hiyo ni beef yangu na yeye because I don’t need to publicize anything.

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