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“Ayieya’s wife wants me to pay KSh 21 million for killing her husband“ Comedian reveals

by biasharadigest

Comedian Ayieya has been missing in action for 3 years now; and according to him, this is because of the depression he has been battling not forgetting his passion for alcohol.

Well, turns out that on the night Ayieya died…comedian Wakimani was the person behind the wheel!

Being the driver, this meant that Wakimani was responsible for every life in that vehicle on that night; but unfortunately his best Ayieya lost his life after their car was involved in an accident.

Churchill Show comedians Wakimani and Professor Hamo

Wife demands payment

Losing her husband at the age of 31 was not something the lady had been expecting or was even looking forward to. However her worst nightmare came to life after Ayieya lost his life following a road accident back in 2017!

After his burial, Wakimani says he assumed people understand that Ayieya died after an accident; instead of then blaming him for causing his death!

Favoritism at Ayieya’s funeral

However a week after his burial, Comedian Paul Wakimani says Ayieya’s wife served him with a court letter – demanding for Ksh 21 million as compensation for her hubby’s death.

After the accident, we buried Ayeiya and I thought everyone understood that it was an accident. But after a week or 2, Ayeiya’s wife called me and told me she had my letter and we should meet I take it. I met her on the following day and she served me with a court order indicating that I’m supposed to pay KSh 21 million for killing her husband.

When asked why Ksh 21 million – lawyer representing Ayieya’s  family said;

The lawyer told me that Ayeiya was earning KSh 300,000 every month. So since he was earning 300k and died at 31, he was supposed to be retiring at 55 years old. They did the calculation for the remaining 24 years…I was also asked to pay for the damages. The case is in court.

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