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‘We pleaded with God…’ Julie Gichuru on losing her son, David

by biasharadigest

Julie Gichuru has said the loss of her son David was the biggest loss she has encountered in life but added that God has seen her through the tough times.

David died after a choking incident while in the care of their house help.

Taking to her social media to share an old photo of herself Julie captioned,

Back in the day… as part of the new team at NMG – we had just conceptualised and launched NTV.

At a personal level, I had suffered the greatest tragedy of my life, the loss of our third born. We named him David, and like King David in the Bible, we had to find the courage to live on in faith.

Julie Gichuru

We pleaded with God to hold us tight through the agony. That faith was everything. He has never let us go.

When He holds you tight, even with a broken heart you can smile.

In these difficult times, hold on to faith, courage and grace, for it is through these that He holds us close.

Stay safe and well 🙏❤

Julie is married to Anthony Gichuru and they have four children together.

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