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Sitaki wedding! Betty Kyallo on wanting a private ceremony at the AG’s office

by biasharadigest
Betty Kyallo

Media personality cum businesswoman Betty Kyallo has said that her dream wedding comprises of her, the boo and the Attorney General. No big wedding for her. She has done that and once was enough for her.

This is is because more often than not we invite people to weddings but when we face problems in marriage and you look for them they are nowhere to be seen.

Speaking to Billy Miya, Betty said,

‘I don’t want a big wedding. Just me and him at the AG’s office, we have our rice at the next restaurant, go home and start life.

Honeymoon is fine but this thing of feeding 5,000 people at your wedding, is crazy. When things go wrong in your marriage, you will look for this 5,000 people and they will be nowhere to be seen.’

She added that despite her not dating at the moment men have been wooing her but she is not ready.

 “People have been chasing me but right now I am not in the mood and I just want to love myself.” Betty said.

 Further adding that was she to get married, she wants a

‘chunky man and I feel like for a man who is divorced, we can understand each other better.’

Betty and her ex-husband Okari have a six-year-old daughter.

If you were to get married would you go for a big wedding or wed at the AG’S office?


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