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Pep Guardiola accuses Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho of ganging up on Man City : The standard Sports

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Champions League – Manchester City Press Conference – Etihad Campus, Manchester, Britain – September 30, 2019 Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola during the press conference [Action Images via Reuters/Carl Recine/File Photo]

Pep Guardiola demanded his rivals issue an apology for launching a whispering campaign designed to damage Manchester City.

Guardiola turned on managerial rivals Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp, who branded the decision to lift City’s two-year European ban “a disgrace” and “a bad day for football”.

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The Spaniard also accused a group of elite Premier League clubs of ganging up on City in a concerted attempt to ruin them and damage their global reputation.

Hitting back at Mourinho and Klopp, Guardiola said: “They have their opinions, Jose and Jurgen, but I tell them this was a good day for football, a very good day.

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“Jose and other managers should know that we were damaged and we should be apologised to.

“I said many times, if we did something wrong we would accept the decision from UEFA and CAS.

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“We don’t expect other clubs to defend us, but we have the right to defend ourselves when we believe what we’ve done is correct – and three independent judges said this.

“People said we were cheating and lying many times and the presumption of innocence was not there.

“When we were proved right, we were incredibly happy, because we can defend again what we’ve done on the pitch.”

Eight Premier League clubs, including Manchester United and Liverpool, contacted the Court of Arbitration for Sport in March, to stop City delaying the appeal process so they could play in the Champions League next season.

City were never going to do that, their willingness to have their appeal heard as early as possible in June ultimately vindicated with the CAS judgment going in their favour.

But Guardiola, who knows the move by the ‘gang of eight’ was a collective ganging up on City, could not resist a sarcastic swipe at them after their attempt failed.

“I understand these clubs didn’t want us to delay the process so we could play in the Champions League next season,” said Guardiola.

“We wanted the resolution from CAS as soon as possible to clarify this.

“So I was completely with these eight clubs to go to CAS and make their resolution. The resolution is there, so they must be happy.

“So, next time, make phone calls to our chairman or CEO and say ‘guys, all of these clubs we’re going to do it all together to try to get this kind of resolution.

“We were on the same page so, unfortunately, just four teams can play in the Champions League next season, not five.”


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