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Makeup must-haves every lady should know

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There are makeup advancements that are more user friendly to the skin and have better results (Shutterstock)

With changing times comes different demands and luxuries even for the beauty industry.


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Since time immemorial, makeup has not only been a part of women’s daily routine, to enhance their beauty and to their boosts confidence.

Not until recently, ladies were comfortable in only powder and lipstick. Currently there are makeup advancements that are more user friendly to the skin and have better results when applied.

Here is a list of makeup must haves every lady should know:


For makeup to come out perfect you will need a primer. A primer is a liquid substance that acts as the base before applying any other thing on your face.

It prepares your face and smoothens the surface to make it even. This even surface will come in handy when applying foundation, because your face needs to be as smooth as possible.

Furthermore a primer will blur out marks and wrinkles that will make it hard to apply foundation. This product also comes specified for various skin types hence convenient for everyone to use.


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I don’t have to literally define what foundation is, I think by now we have all heard that word at least. Foundation comes in liquid and powder form but the most common one these days is the liquid one.

Foundation comes in thick liquid to make the skin surface uniform, to cover flaws like dark spots and even out your skin. Foundation can also act as a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

Buy your makeup products from trusted dealers to avoid buying that can affect your face (Shutterstock)


In most cases, concealers are as thick as foundations and can be used the same way but they play different roles. Concealers can be used to cover up flows like dark spots and scars. They do the perfect job of concealing spots and evening the skin before officially applying foundation to your face.

Also concealers can be used to highlight areas around your eyes to make them look more refreshing and mask dark spots.

Setting spray


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A setting spray is also known as a makeup fixer. Its main role is to keep your makeup in place all day. Setting sprays are reason why ladies no longer need to touch up their makeup after lunch or before an evening date.

The spray ensures makeup sticks and remains fresh all day long. Setting sprays prevent your makeup from smudging on surfaces and also it prevents creasing; lines that will form on your face like a poorly made pot cracking.


Although mascara has been here for a long time I cannot stress how important it is to the makeup process. Mascara is used to align eyelashes and create an illusion that your eyelashes are longer and denser.

For those ladies who are not confident enough to put fake lashes, mascara can do the same job. Mascara will make your eyes pop and look more luscious.

However, ensure to take off your mascara before going to bed to prevent eye infections.

Tip: Always ensure you buy your makeup products from trusted dealers to avoid buying that can affect your face. Furthermore, always remember to take off your makeup and cleanse your skin before going to bed to let your skin breathe and prevent damage.


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