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“I have been drowning in depression and alcohol!” Comedian Wakimani reveals 

by biasharadigest

Comedian Wakimani has been inactive for the past 3 years; and of course there are those who were aware of this and still chose to do nothing about it.

After losing his best friend, Ayieya back in 2017 Wakimani was accused of sacrificing him for fame; and being the one behind the wheel…Ayieya’s family has been demanding Ksh 21 Million to paid by Wakimani who allegedly caused the accident.

Zeddy who happens to be close with Wakimani had earlier revealed that the comedian was struggling with depression. The young mum revealed;

Comedian Zeddy

Wa kimani hayuko pahali pazuri…unakumbuka ile accident yenye Ayieya alikufa? He was the one driving the car and Ayieya’s family wants him to pay them KSH 21 for losing their son. He has been battling with depression since then.

Wakimani speaks

However speaking during an interview with theoriginalpadre254, Wakimani opened up about his current state; and surprisingly Zeddy has been right all along.

Turns out that Wakimani has been fighting his depression using alcohol and things have not been so easy.

I have been going through depression for the last 3 years and it hasn’t been an easy road for me. When I was going through depression it all started at churchill show and today i want to let it go from my heart so that i can grow.

Comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu

He went on to add;

While on Churchill show at some point I felt that we were falling out coz of one or two things. First, I was called at 2 AM and told to go for a show in Nakuru. When I got there, the creative director (Victor Ber) asked me ‘Umecome kufanya nini hapa na tumetoka na wasanii Nairobi?

In his confession about drowning in alcohol, Wakimani went on to add;

I got depressed and used to drink a lot and i was drowning every day to the level that no one could understand me…I was trying to pick myself up and move on but those guys (at Churchill show) were not understanding what i was doing in my life

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