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Heartbreaking! Wakimani speaks on battling depression, alcoholism, lover leaving him

by biasharadigest

Depression is real! Former Churchill Show comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu has for the first time confirmed rumours that he has been battling depression.

Wakimani, who was driving the car which was involved in an accident leaving Emmanuel Makori aka Ayeiya dead, has been sued by the comedian’s family. The family wants him to pay them Sh21 million.

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Speaking in an interview with theoriginalpadre254, the comedian, who started his comedy career at Churchill Show said,

After the accident, I got depressed and used to drink a lot and I was drowning every day to the level that no one could understand me…I was trying to pick myself up and move on but those guys [at Churchill Show] were not understanding what I was doing with my life.

He said he had no one to depend on at that time and became violent.

‘I went into depression, the girlfriend I had dated for almost five years left me and it really hurt me. I remember there were days I’d wake up na naangilia naona tyres za gari kumbe niko kando kando ya barabara naangalia hivi naona hii ni jam watu wanaenda job. Nakumbuka nilibleki the previous night after drinking,’ he said.


There are days I used to wake up napigwa makofi na makarau na watu wamesimama wanaangalia [being slapped by police officers while passers-by stared]. There’s one day niliamshwa na makofi kuangalia ni polisi coz I had fought people where I was drinking the previous night and was told I had five cases of assault.

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He said there was no one to help even his colleagues never bothered and that’s why at some point his social media pages were dormant.

Right now, I’m at a point I’m trying to pick myself up. I’m not the kind of person who gives up easily. My hands were burnt and I could have died but God has been there for me.

He urged his fans to support him.

Spiritually Muniombee sana. I’m still on my way to recovery.  

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