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Galaxy A51 and A71 Latest Update Gives Users Galaxy S20 Features

by biasharadigest

Samsung has released a new software update bringing a range of leading Galaxy S20 features to the Galaxy A series.

Galaxy A51 and A71 device users will now be able to harness some of the Galaxy S20 series’ powerful innovations, designed to make the way we capture, connect and share more dynamic than ever before.

The update gives Galaxy A51 and A71 users the ability to capture their memories exactly as they happen with such leading S20 features as Single Take.

Single Take takes the burden of choosing a camera mode out of your hands by recording with several camera modes simultaneously. Just by tapping record with the Single Take feature, users can capture up to ten seconds of footage with a wide range of capture modes, including Boomerang, Smart Crop, video and AI filter. Users can then revisit the clips in the Gallery app and choose which capture style they like the best.

Galaxy A51 and A71 users can now also enjoy several Pro Mode functionalities from the Galaxy S20, including Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control. These features give users more control when capturing photos and videos so they can have total command over their shooting experiences.

Users can get creative when capturing after sunset with Night Hyperlapse, and enjoy more personalization with features like My Filters, which lets users create their own personal image filters using existing images in their camera roll.

Quick Share and Music Share, which make it easier than ever before to stay connected and instantaneously share pictures, videos and music have also been brought to these devices.

Music Share lets friends connect to a user’s Bluetooth speaker directly via the user’s smartphone. By swiping down on the Quick Panel and tapping on the Music Share icon, users can easily activate or deactivate this innovative feature to instantly enjoy good music with their friends. Users can also head to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Advanced to toggle Music Share on or off.

Galaxy A51 and A71 update bring more Keyboard and Gallery functionalities to users that are designed to make their day-to-day interactions with their smartphones as convenient as possible.

Enhanced keyboard functionalities also give users more freedom when typing; users can now translate text directly from the keyboard tray and easily undo and redo their most recent keyboard action with an intuitive swipe left or right with two fingers on the keyboard.

With the Clean View feature, the Gallery will group up to 100 images shot consecutively into one bundle for easy viewing – users can choose their favorite to serve as the group’s thumbnail – and an organized Gallery. Quick Crop lets users trim their photos right from the media viewing screen. When zooming in on an image with two fingers, the icon will appear on the left hand side of the screen for users to instantly save the edited picture to their Gallery.


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