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Entanglement manenoz! City husband and wife agree to have 2 partners each, netizens react

by biasharadigest
Couple Happy In Relationship
Couple Happy In Relationship

Jada Pinkett and her husband Will Smith have been trending for a while now on social media.

This is after Jada, a mother of two revealed that she was in an entanglement with 27-year-old rapper August Alsina after she ‘separated’ with her husband.

I got into an entanglement with August,’ the 48-year-old mother said on the Red Table Talk discussion with Will Smith.

Well, according to several social media users, this has been happening even in Africa and they aren’t amused.

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A woman has written to a relationship expert talking about how her husband has forced her to engage in entanglement relationships.

My husband and I were watching Will Smith and Jada discuss their open marriage and he suggested we have an open marriage and atleast two sexual partners each.

I have boyfriends and he has girlfriends and the fun part is we can choose partners for each other. I like the suggestion because he is the only man I’ve slept with and never tasted any other ‘banana’. Will and Jad seem so happy and connected. I’m really considering it. My husband said two of his friends are alreadly doing it. I’m so excited because that’s not cheating. it’s like my husband has given me his blessings. What do you think?

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Check ou reactions from online users


ifexmikael Indeed it’s not cheating since you two are agreed to it. However, premium tears await those who make decisions for themselves based of what other people have done ✅.
You don’t even have any idea what really went down in the Will and Jada saga.

miz_betty It will end in premium tears 😂😂😂

itisugochukwu Because it worked for Will and Jada doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone. Don’t come here later to complain 😂😂😂

stephykhay Just make sure at the end of the day you’re picking partners that won’t blow the whistle on your “entanglement”.

akinyimel If that’s what’s gonna make you happy and your marriage work. Please do what makes you happy.

mibrine Both of you belong to the streets. You think Will is ok with it? They were separated ma’am

kingfayvoor_fifi I love to have an open marriage too one day

beccagold So are you guys now Will Smith and Jada?

petezslims It’s better than cheating if you are open to it

ariesbabe 🙄🙄🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️Goodluck to you. Let’s hope he respects the rules and you two don’t fall in love with one of your sex partners

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