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Did Edgar Obare cross the line with his Natalie Tewa expose?

by biasharadigest

Edgar Obare is back at it again like he never left. This time around, he has come with “tea” about Natalie Tewa being onboard a private jet flight with Joho. He went on to further share “witness accounts” about the two being spotted together in Mombasa.

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

Whether there is any truth to that rumour, what we do know is that it has gone viral and Natalie Tewa too has addressed the claims made by Edgar Obare. And it has her so deep in her feelings that she edited her caption twice.

edgar obare

Anyway, the micro-blogger who usually uses his social media accounts to break the latest and most scintillating gossip took to his usual modus operandi and broke the story on his IG stories. And while there, he engaged his fans and even shared some of their replies to his stories.

Edgar Obare brutally exposes controversial vlogger caught in another fraud scandal (Video)

The logical question is whether or not Kenyans are in agreement with Edgar Obare’s take on things or whether or not he should have broken this story. Personally, my take on things is that he has done no wrong in breaking the story.

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Has he shared what he considers proof of the passing? He shared a visa approval that showed that Natalie Tewa was indeed in Dubai on the corresponding dates. But he hasn’t spoken to her. She has however dismissed what he said.

Stop blaming Edgar Obare for the fault in your stars

And at the end of the day, Edgar is not forcing people to do anything nor is he prying into their secrets. A photo was publicly posted. Edgar Obare looked into the details in the photograph and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

edgar obare

He simply answered some questions that Kenyans were already answering anyway. He just had a more probably answer that has taken root. And Natalie Tewa is simply receiving the same level of scrutiny that he gave Jalang’o and that shows that he is truly a man who believes in equality.

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