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Churchill comedian accused of killing Ayeiya, asked to pay Sh. 21 million

by biasharadigest

Churchill Show Comedian: Controversy seems to have dogged one of the prominent acts on local comedy show Churchill. The controversy follows the death of comedian  Emmanuel Makori, popularly known as Aiyeiya who passed on in a road accident along Magadi Road in 2017.

The accident occurred near Catholic University of East Africa after the they hit an electricity post. The late comedian was accompanied by his wife, Paul WaKimani and actor Maina Olwenya of Nairobi half life fame.

In an interview that was published in a local online news journal, Wakimani said that the death of Ayeiya and its aftermath have seen him sink in depression.

“What Zeddy said about in an interview with comedian Jalang’o is very true. I’m at a point in my life where I am trying to bring myself up,” he said. Wakimani went on to say that after the accident, and the burial of Ayeiya, he was sued by the late comedian’s family.

Jalang’o: Why comedians never make money on Churchill Show

“I thought everyone understood that it was an accident. However, after a week or two, Ayeiya’s wife contacted me and told me that she had a letter that was addressed to me,” he said. “I met her the following day and she served me with a court order indicating that I was supposed to pay Sh. 21 million for killing her husband.” However, it was not clear how the order was issued or whether it was a demand letter.

The letter went on to say that Ayeiya was earning Sh. 300,000 every month and would have retired at the age of 55. “He was 31 when he died and so they did the calculations for the years that he would have been active. They also said I would pay for the damages,” said Wakimani.

Wkimani said that on the day that Ayeiya died, he had just returned on Churchill Show. Apparently, he asked to be picked up from his home. “I don’t want my fans to see me as a person who can sacrifice a friend. Since then, I have fallen out but I hope I will be okay,” said Wakimani.

His woes were revealed by comedienne Zainabu Zeddy during a Bonga na Jalas Youtube session which is hosted by Jalang’o.

“He has been battling depression since Ayeiya’s family asked him to pay Sh. 21 million. There is a time we talked and he told me that he was contemplating selling his kidney to pay the amount,”  she former Churchill Show comedian told Jalang’o.

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