Home ENTERTAINMENT Blessings on blessings! Comedian Eddie Butita and wife, Mammito expecting their first child? (Photo)

Blessings on blessings! Comedian Eddie Butita and wife, Mammito expecting their first child? (Photo)

by biasharadigest

Funny man Eddie Butita will one day make an amazing dad; ask how I know this? Well, apart from his jokes, the young man has proven to be hustler….and I am assuming all this is because he looks forward to giving his family nothing but the best he can offer.

Growing up in the ghetto (Kayole) not only taught him the art of survival; but also gave him a reason not to ever wish that kind of life to his children and his children’s children!

Butita with wife, Mammito

Well, despite Churchill show the comedian has been making major moves through his social media projects; and unlike other comedians who complain about joblessness – let’s just say Eddie has been working street smart to ensure he survives this Covid-19 period.

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Mammito pregnant?

Away from that, we have every reason to believe that Eddie Butita will soon be joining the father’s league; thanks to a post shared on his IG story!

Eddie Butita hinting about Mammito’s pregnancy?

From the above post it’s evident that Butita was trying to pass a message using his post – or he was drawing himself some attention? Well, we can’t say but I can confirm that unlike other celebrities – this fella rarely pulls social media stunts to remain relevant!

So could Mammito be with child? Well, after reaching out for a confirmation – the comedian did not confirm nor deny whether his long term girlfriend is expecting their first child together!

Private life

Although the two continue to make money together; they often try to avoid parading their private life on social media!

However, truth is we can’t help but wonder how the two spend their free time together; do they crack each other up or teach each other new jokes? Well, who knows!

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