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Maureen Waititu is devasted Frankie Just Gym It moved on

by biasharadigest

It is hilarious to witness just how devastated Maureen Waititu is about the fact that her former beau, the father of her children whom she kicked out of her life, Frankie Just Gym It, has moved on.

Yup, we were right, Frankie Just Gym It played himself with Corazon Kwamboka

This ofcourse brings into focus the uncomfortable question of whether or not the breakup was a manipulative play at gaining some sort of leverage over her man.

maureen waititu

When you think about how things played out and the reaction Maureen Waititu has had to the news that her ex has moved on, you cannot help but get a sense of feeling that the man, Frankie Just Gym It is a man who has finally broken free of some level of Jedi mind tricks.

Maureen Waititu’s reaction after learning about Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy (Photo)

Why else would the same woman who went around Nairobi declaring to all and sundry that she had finally gotten free of a relationship bedevilled by the issues infidelity brings up be so clearly gutted that the ex that they left behind is now moving on with his life? If anything, she should be silent. She should be happy that the man with whom she now co-parents is at a good place.

maureen waititu

Instead of that, we are met with passive-aggressive posts that read:

Corazon Kwamboka thanks Maureen Waititu’s ex husband for impregnating her (Photo)

Be still and know that he is God!

The rest of the post was a funny Gif that appeared as follows:

This isn’t the way someone who has moved on should be behaving. That is, if the person were not looking for a return. And that is why I believe that Maureen Waititu had it at the back of her mind that she was always just looking for a break which would teach Frankie Just Gym It his place in their relationship.

I have no regrets ditching Law to become a Socialite – Corazon Kwamboka articulates

That, however, seems to have backfired as Frankie decided to start a family with popular socialite Corazon Kwamboka. And you had better believe the song below has taken on new meaning for Maureen Waititu:

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